More than just knowledge and insights, our expertise and scientific approach delivers targeted, reliable results that you can act on to guide your business direction. Our clients have complete confidence in our decision-focused process, as evidenced by our long-term partnerships.

  • Strategic process customized to fit your objectives, decisions and budget
  • Rigorous, holistic research design and execution
  • Expedient, “ready-to-distribute” reports with actionable POV

We inspire confidence in decision-making


  • Study Types & Methodologies
  • Innovative solutions
  • Industries served
  • Global Capabilities

Study Types & Methodologies

Impacting Strategic DecisionsQuantitative

  • Awareness / Attitude / Usage (A&U) Studies
  • Brand Health/Brand Positioning Studies
  • Concept Testing
  • Customer Perception Studies (Strategic Opportunity
    Mapping, Perceptual Mapping, Multidimensional Scaling)
  • Feature Optimization Studies (Discrete
    Choice/Conjoint/Max Diff)
  • Line / Flavor Extension Studies (using TURF)
  • Market Segmentation , Market Sizing, Market Potential
  • Pricing Studies (Discrete Choice/VanWestendorp, etc)
  • Purchase Decision Process Studies

Impacting Tactical/Operational DecisionsQuantitative

  • Ad Messaging / Claims Research
  • Customer Profiling Studies
  • Customer Satisfaction / Loyalty / Attrition /
    Retention Studies
  • Direct Marketing Impact Measurement Studies
  • Idea Screening (Concepts/Offers/Promotions/Names)
  • Package Testing
  • Product Testing (CLT / In Home Use)


  • Online Qualitative: Bulletin Boards/Online Chats / Depth
    Interviews (IDI’s)
  • Traditional Face-to-Face Qualitative: Focus Groups /
    Mini-Groups / IDI’s)
  • Customer Needs Definition (via Depth Interviews /
    Transcript Analysis
  • Ethnographic Studies

Innovative Solutions

  • Opportunity Mapping
    • An innovative analytic tool to diagnose and track brand health by integrating need importance, market-perceived brand differentiation, and your com petitive advantages and disadvantages.
    • An efficient way to synthesize and display a large amount of strategic infor mation for brand management use.
  • Pac-Test
    • An online package testing methodology that adds realism and builds upon standard measurements.
    • Measures breakthrough, findability, appearance, and liking in a competitive context.
  • MOSTER – Customer Sat. & Retention
    • Rather than relying on assumptions (usually theorized) of linear relation ships, MOSTER develops thresholds of Dissatisfaction and Delight which are calibrated individually (based on expectations).
    • In contrast to most other CSM approaches that measure Overall Satisfaction and then attempt to decompose it into drivers of satisfaction, MOSTER directly identifies attributes that are causing Dissatisfaction (and Delight).
  • Preference Lab
    • A diverse suite of streamlined research tools for explaining and predicting consumer preferences through product choice behavior.
    • A way to precisely understand the trade-offs consumers are willing to make between features of a product or service, including price.
    • An approach to increasing the use of advanced methods in your company by reducing cost and accelerating insight delivery.
  • MMR Estimator
    • Utilizes an integrated, multiple measure approach to calibrating consumer response and estimating market behavior.
      Integrates trial estimate and repeat with expected use and awareness/availability estimates to produce first-year sales estimateESTIMATOR Offerings:
    • Concept Screening – Which ideas have the highest trial potential?
    • Concept Test – Based solely on product messaging/packaging, what is the expected revenue potential?
    • Product Test – Should we go to market?
  • Market Evaluer
    • A research-based, globally validated approach to classifying consumers based on how they receive and evaluate communications.
    • A means to get a deeper understanding of “why?” consumers make the brand choices they do.
    • A way to identify and break through the filters that your consumers use to evaluate and screen out information about your product / service.

Industries served

  • CPG / Consumer Services
    • Consumer Packaged Goods
      (Foods, Bevs, Snacks, Household Goods, etc.)
    • Industrial Tools (Hand & Power)
    • Automotive Tire Market
    • Photo / Cameras & Equipment
    • Alcoholic Beverages (wine, beer, spirits, etc.)
    • Pet Care
  • Hospitality / Dining / Travel
    • Restaurant (QSR and Casual Dining)
    • Hotel
    • Amusement Parks & Recreation
    • Airlines
  • Medical
    • OTC & Pharma
    • Consumer / Practitioner
    • Eye Care
  • Insurance
    • Healthcare
    • Property & Casualty
    • Customers, Prospects, Employers, Brokers
  • Technology / Utilities
    • Telecommunications
      (Wireless & Wireline Services and Devices)
    • Internet ISP Sites & Services
    • Energy
  • Financial Services
    • Retail Banking
    • Credit Cards / Services
  • Advertising / Media
    • Advertising (Radio, TV, Outdoor & Print)
    • Media Broadcast Programming & Services
  • Retail
    • Home Improvement/DIY
    • Grocery/Mass/Club
    • Retail Store Design & Layout
  • B2B / Business Consulting
    • Printing and Paper Products
    • Management Consulting Services
    • Automotive Services

global capabilities

With maturation of online panels in most developed markets of the world, international data collection has become significantly easier. MMR has trusted data collection partners with expertise in most markets across the globe.

All of MMR’s global partners have considerable international experience, and advise on:

  • Appropriate target respondent definitions
  • Relevance of screening criteria to country profiles
  • Approximate incidence that each target represents in
    each market
  • Translation / adaptation / survey wording issues
  • Analytic considerations